HexaNeph Games is a small indie dev team that makes video games. Well, technically, we’re still making our first game, Hint, but you gotta start somewhere!

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Recent Posts

  • Designing Addicting Games
    Video games are great. They’re a ton of fun to play and can be a cheap way to occupy your free time. They help people stay in touch with friends or even make new friends. Games are a far more interactive form of entertainment than just watching TV or movies. They keep your brain engaged and usually do a great job of rewarding players for their success. With all these benefits, it’s no surprise then that some people might get addicted. You could probably even make a good argument that all well designed games should be addicting in some way. […]
  • Implementing a Talking Soundwave Effect
    I’m really happy with the voice actors that we chose for Hex and Neph. I think they do a great job of bringing tons of personality to the lines and what would have otherwise been plain text hints for the puzzles. I decided to go one step further, however, and added a “talking” animation. This accomplishes two important things: For players who have their volume turned all the way down (which is often the case for people playing games on their phone), it gives a visual indicator there is audio that they might be missing. It adds that ever important […]
  • Bringing Hint’s Puzzle Guides to Life
    I remember growing up when video games were first starting the transition to include voice acting. I played a lot of JRPGs and was hugely in love with the Final Fantasy series. Starting each new game was a joy. It felt like jumping into the start of an amazing adventure. The first time I played Final Fantasy 10, however, I was met almost immediately with an unexpected feeling of disappointment. I was not at all a fan of the new voice acting. I felt strongly that including those real voices made the game a worse experience and that video games […]
  • Avoiding Phone Game Pitfalls
    For my very first post, I wrote an article critiquing common design shortfalls of phone games. For this article I want to talk about how I plan to avoid each of the mistakes I listed there while making Hint. Before we get too far into this article, however, consider yourself warned that there might be some light game spoilers. In a few of the sections I’ll be discussing some of the game’s mechanics, so if you want to play the game with a completely blank slate, stop reading now! Taking money out of the equation Companies must make money to […]
  • I’m Making a Phone Game!
    “But Chris, I thought you said you hate phone games?” Well, that’s not what I was trying to say, but I think the message might have come across that way to some people. I actually play a lot of phone games. I was surprised to find that I stopped playing on my 3DS because it is far more convenient to play games on my phone instead. Over time, my phone has become my primary mobile gaming device. This includes playing on the go outside of the house, casually playing on the couch, and even a few minutes of gaming in […]