HexaNeph Games is a small indie studio that makes video games. We’ve just released our first title, Hint, but already have plans for our second game. Stay tuned for more news on that!

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Recent Posts

  • The Golden Rule
    The Golden Rule may not be perfect, but the general idea of it is spot on. As this company grows, we want to make sure to never forget the things we love and hate as gamers ourselves. It seems like so many studios out there lose focus of this and it’s always to their long-term detriment. As a general guideline, decisions we make here at HexaNeph Games face this simple litmus test: is this something we would enjoy in a game we were playing? Things we love Let’s start with a few examples of things we love: Free content updates […]
  • The first grand prize for Hint has been claimed!
    After nine days of being released, the first grand prize winner has stepped forward! We want to wish a huge congratulations to PuzzleTaker for being the first player world wide to find the hidden ending. This was no easy task! For their reward, they will get to work with us and custom design their own level which will be added to the game. Additionally, they will have a permanent home on the Hint credits screen and discord server as an official member of the Hidden Ending Club! Four grand prizes remain. Good luck!
  • Hint is available for download now!
    We’ve just officially released our first game Hint! The game is currently available for download on google play.
  • Immersion is Key
    At HexaNeph games, we strongly believe that the best video games are the most immersive ones. Many games can have great mechanics, good art, or enjoyable music. The best games, however, can pull off the ultimate magic trick: they distort time and space itself! A truly immersive game can make hours turn into minutes and erase all thoughts of the real world. The Meaning of Immersion Varies Let’s start by attempting to get everyone on the same page. What the heck does it even mean for a game to be immersive? This terminology gets used a lot, but its meaning […]
  • Be a beta tester
    Beta testing has begun and we would love to get feedback on everything! Do you like the music? Do you like the guides? Are any of the levels too hard? Do we need better hints? If you are interested to be a beta tester, jump on the Hint discord channel and let us know!