HexaNeph Games is a small indie studio that makes video games. We’ve released our first title, Hint, and begun work on our second game Alarial’s Blessing.

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Recent Posts

  • Announcing Alarial’s Blessing
    HexaNeph Games is very excited to officially announce our next game: Alarial’s Blessing. If you are anything like us and love JRPGs but find yourself yearning for something new, we think you’ll also be excited! Check out the game’s page to meet the main cast and learn a few more details. We are still early in the development cycle but wanted to have the opportunity to share our progress as we move forward.
  • Immersion Breakers in JRPGs
    Immersion is such a personal thing that it’s impossible to define one set of rules that would apply to everyone. For me, I would say a big part of immersion is staying consistent. This applies to the rules of your world or the characters themselves. As much as I love JRPGs they are frequently guilty of contradictions and irregularities. These immersion breakers don’t necessarily ruin a story, but they always make it worse even if by only a small amount. Here is my list of the worst offenders in no particular order.
  • Why Do I Play Video Games?
    Starting a job at a video game company made me view games in a different way. It made me think about what I did like about games in general. I realized I really love games where I can interact with a lot of things and hear what different characters have to say. It’s things like these where you can really feel the game was made with love. I immediately thought of Hades, the amount of dialogue and hidden interactions in that game is insane! The world really felt alive. It made me think too at how video games are also […]
  • Why Do I Play JRPGs?
    When I was younger, it was a given that each new video game was going to get at least two playthroughs. The number of games I owned was very small and I couldn’t buy new games whenever I wanted. Life was hard as a young gamer. As I got older, I eventually got to the point where I could afford to buy whatever game I wanted to play. So, that’s exactly what I did. After more than 25 years and hundreds of games across all genres, my gaming habits have significantly changed. These days I would consider myself a gaming […]
  • Welcome Janine!
    HexaNeph Games is tremendously excited to introduce our new artist, Janine Maganito. Janine shares our passion for telling amazing stories with exciting worlds and characters. As the very first artist to join our company she will be contributing to all facets of the company’s artistic needs. From website design to character creation and user interface. Look forward to seeing some character and world art from our next game soon! Here is a little bit about Janine in her own words: Janine Maganito I’m an all-around artist! I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. I just realIy love […]