Alarial’s Blessing Main Music Theme

We worked with an amazing composer Pietro Frigerio to craft some music for Alarial’s Blessing and wanted to share the main theme. This song does a wonderful job hinting at the kind of experience players will have traveling through the world of Roth. So please sit back, relax, and enjoy the audio-visual treat we’ve prepared.

Hint has been Updated

We’ve just released an updated version of our puzzle game Hint. All new Android devices should now be supported. If you had wanted to play before but received a message that your device wasn’t supported, now is your chance to try and win one of the four remaining grand prizes!

Celebrating 1 Year with Janine

Janine, it has been a joy to work with you, and it feels like the time has flown by. I’m really proud of the progress we’ve made and what we have created so far. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by showing off your talent and a tiny fraction of the […]

Bringing Characters to Life

We’ve been working for a while now with a very talented animator, Asher Bozman. He’s been helping us bring movement to the world of Alarial’s Blessing and we wanted to share some of the progress. Each animation starts with a simple sketch to get the basics of the motion down. From there, we move to […]

Designing Games for Exploration

Exploration is a critical component of many games, and it can take several different forms. Some games encourage players to explore their world. What might be over that next mountain? Will I find rare resources or some beautiful new scenery? Other games want players to explore their mechanics. What happens if I choose skills two […]

HexaNeph Games is looking for an animator

As of February 16th, 2023 we are no longer accepting applications! Progress is coming along nicely for the vertical slice of Alarial’s Blessing, but it’s time to bring in some more talent! We’re seeking an animator who can create video game sprite sheets for combat and world exploration. This includes idle, attack and movement animations. […]

Designing Interesting Enemies

It’s common in JRPGs for players to fight dozens of the same monsters and humans. This works fine for games where you will have hundreds of battles or where grinding is required. For Alarial’s Blessing, we’re going in the opposite direction. We want each fight to feel different and engaging. One big part of that […]

Announcing Alarial’s Blessing

HexaNeph Games is very excited to officially announce our next game: Alarial’s Blessing. If you are anything like us and love JRPGs but find yourself yearning for something new, we think you’ll also be excited! Check out the game’s page to meet the main cast and learn a few more details. We are still early […]

Immersion Breakers in JRPGs

Immersion is such a personal thing that it’s impossible to define one set of rules that would apply to everyone. For me, I would say a big part of immersion is staying consistent. This applies to the rules of your world or the characters themselves. As much as I love JRPGs they are frequently guilty […]