Hint: It’s a puzzle game

4 grand prizes remain!

Hint is a fully voiced, unconventional puzzle game designed for touch screens.

This is a truly free game. There are no ads, micro-transactions or internet connection required.

Each level is a unique puzzle where determining the objective is part of the challenge itself. Even better, the rules of the game can change from level to level.

Fortunately, you will have a fully voiced and entirely trustworthy companion there to guide and give assistance when things get tough. They will almost never make things worse!

Hint offers challenging puzzles for veteran gamers but is manageable for beginners too thanks to the built in hint system. The hints are not always obvious or straightforward so you will still have to earn those level wins.

How you play the game determines which of multiple endings you get. Just because those companions aren’t saying anything, doesn’t mean they aren’t watching and taking notes!

Looking for the ultimate challenge? The first five players worldwide to reach the hidden ending and successfully make a claim will win the grand prize. It’s your chance to be immortalized. You’ll get just one very big hint. It won’t be easy. Good luck!

Meet Your Puzzle Guides

Players will have the option to choose one of two companions to keep them company while they play through Hint. This choice will not impact the puzzles but each AI does have their own unique personality which will have an impact on the types of hints that players receive.


Voiced by the amazing Aimee Smith.


Brought to life by the awesome Van Barr Jr.

Free Soundtrack

We worked with the very talented One Man Symphony to custom design two tracks which will put you in the perfect mood for solving puzzles. You can hear them below and even better yet, we’re releasing them completely for free! Visit the site above to download the tracks and while you are there check out all of his other amazing work.

Puzzle and Chill

Get Funky

Adding Additional Device Support

Hint is currently only available for Android devices, but we are open to bringing the game to other devices if there is enough interest. If you would like to see this game made available for your device, jump on the Hint discord channel and let us know!

Privacy Policy

This app does not collect or share any user data.