Alarial’s Blessing

Alarial's Blessing


RPG, story rich, single player, adventure, turn based

Travel with Kal, Tyranel and Mina as they wander the land living the simple life of independent mercenaries. They’re not perfect people and the history books may never record their names. That doesn’t mean, however, their lives don’t have meaning. Even wandering souls can have a massive impact on those around them. Join our trio of characters on an emotional journey you won’t soon forget in this modern take of the JRPG genre.

The world of Roth is one of magic and mystery. Most humans live in the safety of villages or cities and give their worship to the goddess Alarial. It is safe to travel, but the land is still full of unexplored locations with dangerous creatures. Naturally, this means some humans choose to take up arms as adventurers for hire. There are many mercenary guilds across the land that are more than happy to have your allegiance or simply offer you work. Life on Roth can be hard and cruel but there is still beauty and kindness in the world.


Mina is a young spear wielder who has very recently started her career as a mercenary. On the day she turned 22, Mina decided it was time to head out into the world and do her part. She’s an optimist and idealist who tries to see the best in everyone around her.


Kal is an experienced mercenary who has been fighting for over 30 years. He wields a sword and massive shield with his combat style focused on protecting himself and his allies alike. He’s an amiable but practical man who sees the world in nothing but tones of gray.


Tyranel is a magic caster who’s been traveling and fighting with Kal for over 20 years. She has the unique ability among her fellow casters to use magic of many different types. She tends to keep to herself and cares very little for the opinions of others.

  • Fewer, more engaging fights. Every encounter will be unique and bring its own challenges.
  • Movement and positioning are key elements to victory. Avoid enemy attacks or choose which party member will absorb the blow.
  • Challenging, turn-based strategic fights. Take your time and think through all combat decisions. Fight at your own pace.
  • No random encounters or respawning enemies.
  • As the party levels up they will have the option to specialize into certain talents and fighting styles. Will you focus on aggressive attacks or measured defense? Will you prioritize multi-target or single-target skills? Maybe you believe the best strategy is to leave yourself as many options as possible?
  • While characters will grow more skilled, combat can also leave its mark. Team members might gain vulnerabilities or injuries if battle goes poorly.
  • Your characters will level up at different rates and in different ways. Pay attention to how each character is affected and plan accordingly.
  • Immersion is a big goal for all our games. We tie all gameplay as closely as possible to the story.
  • Avoid inconsistencies between gameplay and story. We don’t think of these as two entirely separate elements of our game.
  • Pacing is important to the story we want to tell. This is not an open world game, but there will be many times where the player is free to choose where to go next and venture out into the wilderness.
  • Players are heavily encouraged and rewarded for exploring the world. This could range from acquiring ancient relics to meeting unique individuals willing to teach your party new skills.
  • No quest markers. Kal will record relevant details in his journal for all mercenary jobs accepted.
  • For players that choose to ask around town, Kal also records various rumors in his journal. These rumors may lead to nothing, but they might also lead to rare treasure or special encounters.
  • No mini-maps or map overlays. You can buy in game maps of varying quality, but they will not show your location. Learn and grow familiar with the world as you complete jobs and wander between destinations.

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