Welcome Janine!

HexaNeph Games is tremendously excited to introduce our new artist, Janine Maganito. Janine shares our passion for telling amazing stories with exciting worlds and characters. As the very first artist to join our company she will be contributing to all facets of the company’s artistic needs. From website design to character creation and user interface. Look forward to seeing some character and world art from our next game soon!

Here is a little bit about Janine in her own words:

Janine Maganito

I’m an all-around artist! I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. I just realIy love drawing. I can say though, I definitely love concept art and illustration! I learned to love it a lot as a kid when I started playing video games on my Gameboy Color and PlayStation 1. I fell in love with games like Legend of Mana, Breath of Fire, and Final Fantasy because of the intricate world building and character design. It was just amazing how I could explore worlds and experience so many adventures that I wanted to make my own too one day!

What are words to an artist, though? These few pieces from her portfolio might do an even better job of helping you get to know Janine.

Feel free to join us on discord where you can say hi to Janine and welcome her to the company!